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tv   Full Court Press  Current  October 29, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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you've heard bill's views, now let's hear yours. politically direct means no b.s. just telling you what's going on in politics today. >>at the only on-line forum with a direct line to bill press. >>it's something i've been waiting for a long time. >>join the debate now. ♪
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>> announcer: taking your emails on any topic at anytime. this is the "bill press show." live on your radio, and current tv. >> bill: all right. james tulman is on the road with mitt romney. we'll talk to him the next hour. and talk to laura bassett from "huffington post" about women's issues in this campaign and
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then ray stagich will be back. meanwhile our conversation this morning, have we gone too far. wane d says remember bill politicians need to cover their political asses because election day is only eight days away. kevin says go giants, i live near union square and there was a lot of yelling and screaming. i am so happy, but i must confess i'm sorry the win was against detroit. they city could have used a win. barbara from california way early out there says, i think public utilities were smart in shutting things down early. it takes time to get people off of the streets. most of those who could have done something about global warming years ago did not lift
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[♪ theme music ♪] well, good morning, everybody, welcome to the "full court press" here on monday october 29th. great to see you today. hope you had a good weekend, and had a chance to recharge your batties. we start with a great big storm affecting almost half of the country, as a result one week before the election what are people talking about?
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not barack obama or mitt romney but hurricane sandy. it is probably the biggest storm to hit this country, but still 12 to 24 hours away did authorities act too soon in shutting down schools, businesses, and transit systems? a case of overkill or just being smart? that's our big debate this morning here on the "full court press." we'll get back into that after we check in with lisa ferguson with current tv update. hi, lisa good morning. >> hey, bill good morning, everybody. mitt romney is moving his campaign innland. he canceled an event scheduled in virginia yesterday, and today he campaigns in iowa and wisconsin. if romney did become president we could see a very different type of hurricane response. earlier this season he said he would rather get rid of fema.
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he would rather second disaster relief back to the states and to privatize it. in reality taking services out of the public sector can actually second the government deeper in to debt. we have sene a little bit of that with the military contracting with the wars in the middle east, and cause issues with accountability and transparency. newt gingrich is making headlines again this morning for defending richard mourdock's comments about rapes. >> if you listen to what he said he said what virtually every catholic and fundamentalist in the country believes. he said that very decent american opposes rape and stephanie cutter should just get over it.
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more bill press is coming up live after the break, and we're in chat make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread? here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner.
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pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio, and on current tv this is the "bill press show." ♪ >> bill: storm? what storm? we're here. everything else is closed, but we're still here. hey, good morning, everybody. good to see you today on this monday, october 29th. welcome, welcome, welcome to the "full court press" here on current tv, your new progressive morning show the only progressive morning show on cable television. good to have you with us, not
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just on progressive television on your local progressive talk radio station. we'll get right to the storm the latest on hurricane sandy, and the impact it is having on the campaign, and bring you up to date on the rest of -- there is still a campaign going on by the way, and the latest on mitt romney and this outrageously unfactual, big-lie ad he released over the weekend on the auto industry. i know you want to get into all of this, and we'll give you every opportunity to do so give us a call at 866-55-press. follow us on twitter and join us on twitter, your comments on twitter @bpshow. same with facebook
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facebook@billpressshow. and join us on the current tv chat room team press is here early in the morning. peter ogburn dan henning, siprion bolling, and phil backard on the phones. president obama was in florida last night. big event scheduled in orlando this morning with president clen -- clinton, and then they announced that the president would be coming back to washington this morning, probably heading to air force
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one as we speak to be in the white house and on the scene on top of preparations for hurricane sandy. so president clinton will be speaking in orlando, and joe biden in ohio. meanwhile you didn't think anybody could defending richard mourdock, right? >> i would hope not. >> bill: after saying he couldn't allow any exception for abortion even in the case of rape, that is something that god intended. yesterday on this week newt gingrich defends him. >> every candidate i know every decent american i know condemns
4:08 am
rape. why didn't stephanie cutter get over it. we all condemn rape. why can't we also defend killing babies. >> bill: yeah, just get over. it the fact that he says after todd akin says a woman can't get pregnant because of rape and richard mourdock says even if she does get pregnant she has to go through with that baby because it's part of god's plan. and newt says literally just get over it. >> yeah. >> stephanie: if you are ganged rape, and you don't know who is the father just get over it. >> turn that frown upside dine. >> stephanie: jamal simmons coming in in the next hour as a friend of bill. but first --
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>> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> bill: yes dan. >> overhead lines making news -- it works better if i turn my microphone on. >> come on dan. >> the tigers forced the giants to earn that win yesterday. marco scutaro hit a home run to propel the giants to the word series vector. >> bill: go giants. wow. >> the new james bond movie is a huge hit in great briton. it smashed uk box office records, and brought in $32 million $32 million the first weekend. it brought in 30% more than his second movie. the films opens in the u.s.
4:10 am
november 9th. >> it looks good. >> bill: it was. >> and madonna upset some fans in a concert in new orleans for talk about her political beliefs on stage. she asked the crowd who was registered to vote, and then she said i don't care who you vote for, as long as it's for obama. >> bill: the romney campaign has shifted to ohio. lots of changes due to the storm. james hullman from political is on the trail joining us this morning on our news line from mansfield, ohio hey, james good to talk to you again. >> good to talk to you and
4:11 am
peter. >> bill: i guess your schedule changes by the mitt huh? how are they doing it? just hour before hour or what in >> it's really difficult because you can't just fly somewhere and get to an event. >> bill: yeah right. >> the ramny campaign last night cancelled a new hampshire rally that was scheduled for tomorrow. and the press corps already booked our hotel rooms, so that's one of the reasons it becomes distressful. senior romney officials their big concern is they feel like they have had gains in new hampshire and polls showed that polls were starting to move their way. and now they won be able to
4:12 am
campaign there more this week. and they are forced to campaign more where they don't get as biggest bang for their buck. and they think this is a situation where the president can really rise to the occasion and look president obama like. >> bill: while the president is in the oval office or somewhere at the white houser at fema headquarters looking presidential. >> right. and if they decide to go back on wednesday, and all of a sudden all of the stories are now police resources are being diverted to help the romney
4:13 am
motor motorcade rather than helping people without power. >> bill: on the other hand they have got a back upplan which seems to be ohio right? >> i don't know if it is a back upplan, but it's a must win for mitt romney. at this point in the cycle romney rallies draw anywhere between 7,000 to 10,000 people. instead ryan was going to be in three pretty rural areas, our ex-urban areas, but also incredibly republican, and usually you use your running mate to fire up the base in those areas, and especially romney lost the day yesterday, because he was campaigning in areas that are primarily
4:14 am
republican. he had to just lidgisticly they couldn't set up events anywhere else. and in ohio locally he is down a couple of points. the romney people know that it's very, very difficult for them to win without ohio. so any time here in their view is a good investment. >> bill: we're talking with james hohmann on the road with the romney campaign at "politico." james i sure you have heard this ad, making some surprising claims on the auto industry issue, which has been a losing one for romney in ohio. >> who will do more for the auto
4:15 am
industry? not barack obama. fact checks confirm his attacks on mitt romney are false. the truth, mitt romney has a plan to help the auto industry. he is supporting by lee iacoca and the detroit news. obama sold chrysler to italians who are going to build jeeps? china. mitt romney will fight for every american job. >> romney: i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> bill: james what is the romney campaign's response to the fact checking? >> they haven't spoken publicly about it. they have kept it very low-key, i think they hoped that no one would really notice. there is unquestionably damage done to mitt romney because of his opposition to the auto bailout. the obama campaign is
4:16 am
aggressively running ads around romney saying let detroit go bankrupt. >> bill: uh-huh. >> and romney knows he needs to deal with it. yesterday romney had three events, spoke about 25 minutes at each of them didn't say a word about the bailout or anything like that, and at each event any obama response was the auto bailout. and chrysler denies the claim in that ad that they are going to be sending jeep jobs to china. and portman introducing romney noted that he had supported the auto bailout when it happened and then made that whole pitch
4:17 am
which is ultimately romney is better than you than obama. i think if it wasn't for the auto bailout romney would probably be ahead in ohio. >> bill: chrysler has announced that do plan to build a plant in china to sell jeeps to chinese customers, but they are not going to shut down plants here they are not going to stop selling jeeps to americans or whatever. this is a total different situation of their business. >> and the romney campaign has obviously carefully worded that phrase in the commercial putting jobs in china as opposed to moving jobs so they could have some kind of defense. >> bill: finally you mentioned a little bit about momentum before. there were a lot of stories last week, and romney himself was talking about we're on a role.
4:18 am
i'm going to win, and when i'm president, not if i'm president. some of which have been soft pedalled by members of the media. what is the feeling in the romney campaign about momentum? it is just bluff? or do they think they are ahead? >> most of it is just bluff. i don't think that they have some huge crushed momentum and both candidates do that all the time. so rhetorically they say it but they know probably they are a little bit down in ohio, or obviously they think the gap is closeable. but i think that they look at the electoral map, and they see if they don't win ohio they need to run the table pretty much everywhere else and in
4:19 am
wisconsin -- and we're going to wisconsin tonight actually, and we'll stay mill waky. all right. james so good to have you here this morning. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: appreciate it very much. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." the powerful my steal an election but they cannot steal democracy. >>and now to my point. that is a whole bunch of bunk! the powerful my steal an election but they cannot steal democracy.
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(vo) john fugelsang sees what happens. >> you know, blaming this economy on barack obama is kinda like blaming your hangover on the guy making breakfast. i like mitt romney but i'm sorry. they guy has flipped more than a crack house mattress. this campaign has become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it. [ ♪ theme ♪ ]
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>> announcer: heard around the country and seen on current tv. this is the bill -- "bill press show." >> bill: good morning, it is monday october 29th the day that hurricane sandy is expected to hit the east coast. we were just talking with james hohmann with the romney campaign. a lot of newspaper endorsements over the weekend. >> i'm sorry, what is a newspaper? >> bill: yeah, exactly. the des moines register surprise, went with mitt romney. the "detroit free press" with president obama. the "new york times" president obama.
4:24 am
"washington post," the toledo blade, the pittsburgh -- i forget what the pittsburgh paper is -- >> gazette -- >> bill: maybe -- all to -- >> that was a pure guess by the way. >> bill: all to obama. peter what is on twitter? >> we're on twitter @bpshow. joe says what is the big deal people they have storms on jupiter like this all the time. on the romney ad people are furious about this. steve says don't forget that jeep is expanding in the united states. they are adding thousands of jobs right here. one person said maybe obama wasn't so far off base when he
4:25 am
called mitt romney a bs-er, and myth got meatloaf's endorsement to lure chris christie to events. [ laughter ] >> i heard meatloaf will be there, maybe i'll show up. >> bill: that will do it. terry is calling from berkeley california. >> caller: hi, bill, what is wrong with the press in general? the -- when talking about mitt romney, greg palast has an article in the nation called mitt romney's bailout bonanza. how the romneys made millions. >> bill: yes, we had that here on our show, even greg wrote that article for the nation. you are right. the media has not been covering a lot of the facts about mitt
4:26 am
romney. and i have said that here many times. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ vote on november 6th but just as importantly to take the time to learn about each candidate's stance on the issues that matter to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate.
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>> announcer: chatting with you live, at this is the "bill press show," live on your radio, and current tv. >> bill: thirtity-three minutes after the hour. happy monday october 29th, the day hurricane sandy is expected to hit the east coast. we have been on the air now hour and a half, is the building still standing? >> yeah civilization as we know it has now stopped. >> bill: washington has been
4:31 am
flattened. >> yeah. >> bill: oh, but this studio is still standing. [ laughter ] >> bill: a lot of hype. i think too much hype about this storm, which is not to say you shouldn't take it seriously, particularly those in the low-lying areas. right now we'll talk politics but first this story caught my attention. you think your money is safe in the banks? well -- reports a major u.s. banking institution told its customers that two unencrypted back uptapes disappeared in transit in march. wow. you read something like that and think about identity theft and ask yourself aim prepared? well, i am with life lock
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ultimate, the most comprehensive id protection ever made. life lock can't protect you or your bank accounts if you are not a member. call now and mention press 60 for 60 free days of ultimate life lock protection. see life for details, and then give them a call at 1-800-356-5967. women's issues have played a mayor -- have been a major issue in all three of the presidential debates, and in the vice presidential debate and the women's vote very very important in this election. how is it going for barack obama and mitt romney we check in with "huffington post" laura
4:33 am
bassett this morning. good to have you with us. >> hey bill. thanks for having me. >> bill: love to have you in studio, but with everybody home bound -- >> laura is the first casualty of hurricane sandy. >> bill: laura what is the latest so far from political about how women are leaning in this election? >> well it seems the gender gap that obama was enjoying for so long has been' raced. >> bill: erased or diminished? >> well it depends on which poll you look at. but the point is that women are strongly favoring obama the way that they were a couple of months ago, and i think that's because mitt romney's message is
4:34 am
hitting home. women care about the economy, not about these silly distractions that obama keeps talking about. that's what mitt romney and republicans have been saying and i think women are starting to believe it. >> bill: so are you saying that women's health care that abortion, that contraception, that child care, those are all distractions? >> that's not what i'm saying. that's what the [ inaudible ] are saying. every time one of those issues is brought up, they don't want to answer it the question you see it with mitt romney his campaign comes back and says don't even worry about his birth control views, he wants employers to decide. but this is not a big deal women care about the economy. and they said that with abortion, they have tried to gloss over his running mate's
4:35 am
more extreme abortion position by saying women don't care about this, and what i'm saying is it must be working because women are slowly crawling back over towards myth -- >> bill: towards mitt romney and i know you are reporting on what we have been told that the polls show. i find that absolutely impossible to believe, because i think american women are smarter than that, and i don't think they are dumb enough to buy the men -- the men telling them you should not care about these issues. or just trust us men to make the right decisions. for example, laura, the chairman of the republican national committee, reince prebus said murdoch -- what mourdock said doesn't make any difference because nobody is talking about that. here is a senate candidate who can go out and say that there should be no exception for
4:36 am
abortion, ban on abortion right, because this is part of god's plan. reince prebus said nobody is talking about that? do you think they are? >> everybody has been talking about it for months and months. the vote's war and the, quote unquote, war on woman, whether you agree with that rhetoric or not. the republican strategy has kind of been brilliant in that based on two years particularly in the states but also in congress. passing or proposing law after law after law that limited women's reproductive access somehow takes away women's rights, and then when the democrats are freaking out about it, and talking about it and sending out emails republicans sit back and smile and say, well, you guys are the ones bringing up abortion.
4:37 am
you're just using this to distract people, and i think it is frustrating for so many people because the democratic talking point focus on abortion is directly action from republican's legislative focus on it and what is happening lately with the republicans making ridiculous comments about rape is when they are being forced to explain their position. and when they try to answer the reason why they don't think women should have abortions if raped, it is going to come out and affect people. >> bill: yesterday senator ron johnson on fox news was asked by chris wallace about the abortion
4:38 am
issue, and ron johnson again there as a surrogate for mitt romney, said it's no big deal. abortion is not a big issue, to use his phrase it doesn't even move the radar, so they are putting out the word that basically -- that the whole abortion issue, getting rid of roe v. wade nobody cares anymore. >> yeah, they must have sent a letter out and say this is what do say, women care about the economy not abortion. >> bill: right. >> but if you are a rape victim and you are being forced to continue with your pregnancy that you don't want, i don't think it would be as easy to get over it.
4:39 am
this is a shining example of the gop being out of touch with women on this issue. >> bill: i want to go back to where you started, if indeed the polls show that president obama's advantage among women has disappeared, or to put it another way, that mitt romney is going to either win or equal, right, president obama's record with the women's vote, i think that would be -- i think the facts show that would be a disaster for american women in terms of their standing and if they go that way, it's almost -- i hate to say it it's almost they'll deserve what they get. >> right. i can't -- i certainly don't think that the democrats have not said enough about it. you know? it seems like every campaign email and video reminds women of
4:40 am
republican's record on rape -- not record on rapes, but comments on rape and records on abortion and birth control. and you are talking about health care medicare by disproportionately affect women. women tend to outlive men, and these programs are strongly relied on by women. >> bill: there may be other issues where they are close where they stand o are they similar in position or there's not that much of a big difference, when it comes to women's issues there is no doubt about it, that president obama is absolutely on the right side and mitt romney is dead wrong, and a danger to america. laura thank you so much for joining us. i can't believe any woman would vote for mitt romney.
4:41 am
866-55-press 866-557-7377. there is a war on women and mitt romney and paul ryan are leading it. john is from east liver pool ohio. good morning. >> caller: good morning, bill, how are you. i really enjoy your show. >> bill: thank you. thank you. what is your point? >> caller: i believe mitt romney covered his ass during the last debate to create 12 million jobs. i swear i heard him say this is going to take eight to ten years. what do you think? >> bill: i didn't hear him say that, but i tell you this much, he keeps saying that -- i have a plan 12 million jobs. you seen the plan? >> caller: no, there is no plan. >> bill: so many in the energy sector or manufacturing or
4:42 am
bring jobs back from overseas. nothing. it's just like he said in this latest ad, that i have a plan for the auto industry and he opposed the one plan that president obama put forth which saved the auto industry so i -- you know, i think this election is all about who can -- can mitt romney continue to tell the big lies and get away with it? are the american people that dumb, really? and to pick up on laura bassett's phrase are american women that dumb? if they vote for romney it just proves everything that the pig republicanty women politicians like paul ryan have said all of their lives, that women are just not smart enough to make their own decisions, so we'll get men take over.
4:43 am
i'm counting on american women to be smarter than that. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ joy behar. >> on my next show, rocker pat benatar and florence henderson. it's the behar bunch. >> only on current tv.
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(vo) cenk uygur is many things. >>oh really? >>tax cuts don't create jobs. the golden years as the conservatives call them, we had the highest tax rates, and the highest amount of growth, and the highest amount of jobs. those are facts. >>"if you ever raise taxes on the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true!
4:46 am
♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ >> bill: all right. let's get to the song here. ♪ don't no why ♪ ♪ there's no sun up in the sky ♪ ♪ stormy weather ♪ >> bill: a little slow getting to the punch line there. but headline in the new york sometimes, northeast braces for
4:47 am
deadly surge and lashing wind. where it is? how bad it is. ray stagich joining us again this morning, meteorologist for the weather channel. hey, ray good to have you back. we were talking just an hour ago, so just update us for those who might not have been here in the first hour sandy is -- >> sandy is an 85 mile an hour hurricane, that's from up a 75 mile an hour storm. pressure down to 946 mill bars and getting into that unprecedenteds territory for as far north in latitude it's about 265 miles southwest of new jersey, but the water is already starting to come up and from the plane any reconnaissance airplane in there, we got some preliminary numbers.
4:48 am
the pressure may be down even to the 942 millibarr range. and the lowest part of the record is in that range. so we could be looking at an unprecedented storm in terms of actual central pressure. >> can you explain what that means when you talk about the low pressure -- what that means to the overall size of the storm? >> traditionally it wouldn't mean much in terms of diameter. what it would mean is an increase in wind speed. so as the pressure falls we may see even a stronger storm -- and the hurricane center is forecasting it to become a 90-mile-an-hour hurricane. but weakened but only slightly as it comes on shore sometime this evening. but do not -- and we have been
4:49 am
emphasizing this on the weather channel, so not pay at attention to where the center of the storm goes, like i said the storm is huge. over 400 miles on the tropical storm force winds. >> bill: so if i comes ashore later today, how long are we going to feel this storm? come ashore and then weaken out and then just disappear? >> no it is going to come on storm, weaken stay a tropical storm through at least early tuesday morning, and that would mean winds in excess of 40 miles an hour and then start moving knorr and be a tropical depression. it may not be out of the
4:50 am
northeast and new england until sometime early in the weekend, as the hurricane has it at 2:00 am saturday as low pressure over northern maine. so it's not going to go anywhere real quick. but it will weaken in terms of the wind shield, but in terms of wind i think the wind will be around at least a tropical storm force. >> bill: how does this compare to irene? >> irene -- it is bigger in diameter and in terms of forward speed it is moving slower. let's take new york city for example. it is the worst case sen their you in terms of what is the worst side of the storm you could be on? when you are on the eastern quadrant that is usually where the winds are the strongest and that's why we're expecting the
4:51 am
high water rise. >> bill: all right. ray stagich on such a busy day you are so good to spend time with us. appreciate it. >> all right. thank you. >> bill: nobody knows it better than these guys. is what they live for, and we depend on them. >> yeah. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ because again, we're in the oh my goodness! oh my gosh this looks amazing! that's a good deal! [ man ] wow! it is so good! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15 seafood, chicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'm actually looking at the wood grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. you so fascinated by the prices, you keep rambling on! i know! -that pork chop was great! -no more fast food friday's! so we gotta go! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] try our 15 under $15 menu and sea food differently!
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current tv, it's been all building up to this. >>bill shares his views, now it's your turn. >>i know you're going to want to weigh in on these issues. >>connect with "full court press with bill press" at and on twitter at bpshow. >>i believe people are hungry for it. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: heard around the country, and seen on current tv this is the "bill press show." >> bill: all right. here we go jamal simmons here as a friend of bill for the next hour, democratic strategist and we will be joined by the mayor
4:54 am
of minneapolis. the president's schedule changing almost hourly. he spent the night in florida, was going to do a big campaign event with president clinton this morning. the president's participation in that event has been canceled. president clinton will still do that event, and then president clinton will go on to youngstown, ohio. president obama is on his way back to the white house because of the eminence of the arrival of hurricane sandy, and as we just heard from ray stagich, the damage it may do. the president wants to be here at storm central, keeping track of the storm and making sure that everything could possibly be done to protect those affects areas is in fact being done. president obama on the job with hurricane sandy.
4:55 am
4:56 am
[♪ theme music ♪] >> bill: hey good morning, everybody, what do you say? welcome to the "full court press" on this october 29th. it is storm and it is politics mainly storm, of course. the d.c. metro is closed, the new york subway is closed. amtrak has shut down all service on the east coast.
4:57 am
6800 flights have been canceled. the federal government has shut down, schools are shut down but we're here dammit. the "full court press." we are still on the job. you know what they say, neither rain, nor, sleet, nor snow nor gloom of light can stop us. now for the latest from lisa ferguson. >> hey, bill, good morning everyone. there is a political side to hurricane sandy, and whether you like the fact that disasters like this are politicized or not, it does happen. for one, everyone will be watching how mitt romney and president obama will be handling the situation. president bush's handling of hurricane katrina was one of the
4:58 am
worst in history. so far the president is doing his job well. chris christie has congratulated him and praised him for his response. here is the president was a briefing yesterday. a couple of other questions in play here, how will this impact campaign momentum and effect early voting? >> most of the states in hurricane sandy's report do not have early voting. maryland does and it has closed its early voting today, but president obama is expected to win that state easily. so far republicans are ahead in early voting in florida and colorado, but democrats have the edge in north carolina, nevada and ohio. that of course is based off of the number of registered people who have cast their ballots. more bill press is coming up after the break and we are live
4:59 am
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation an your radio, and on current tv this is the "bill press show." >> bill: storm? what storm? we're still here. nothing is going to stop us from coming to work in the morning. what do you say, hello everybody? no sandy is going to stop us. it is the "full court press" on this monday, october 29th. great to see you today. thank you so much for joining us. hope you had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the big stories of the day.
5:03 am
usually politics the big story of the day. today it is the biggest storm ever to hit the united states. it's covering its impact maybe as much as half of the country. we just heard from the weather channel that it will be slam going the east coast later today, and then around for the rest of the week through the northeast. we'll tell you all about it and tell you the latest on politics here too on the "full court press." we'll take your calls at 866-55-press. invite you to join the conversation in many different ways, yes, give us a call also follow us on twitter @bpshow, facebook@billpressshow, or go to the chat room and join your other full court pressers across the land. just go to click on the chat room.
5:04 am
we have the whole team here this morning and a very special guest, the only way who has made it -- crawled into the studio -- [ applause ] >> mvp! give it up! >> bill: fought the high winds and surging coastline -- >> you can only slow me down you can't contain me. >> that's right. >> bill: and the fallen trees and power lines down and here he can. jamal simmons. >> good morning, it's good to be here. and we'll all swim our way out of here. >> bill: exactly. the whole team made its way in this morning actually. dan henning, and peter ogburn and siprion bolling. so it's raining, bfd.
5:05 am
>> but for everybody out there listening, take whatever precautions the authorities have. >> bill: absolutely. but my job is these people who are so far inland like us and our metro is shut down schools are shut down the federal government. on any excuse they will shut down the federal government. >> i'm normally all for kids being forced to the go to school. i am thrilled that they have closed the schools, because by the time they get out at 3:00 or 4:00 it is going to be getting very busy. >> bill: the storm is supposed to hit new jersey at 4:00 -- >> without releasing state
5:06 am
secrets, i also want people to know that bill press lives about three and a half minutes from the studio while people who are commuting from wherever they live would have a much tougher time getting here. >> bill: it is six to one here? five to one this morning? [ laughter ] >> bill: all right, well just for that -- [ laughter ] >> bill: i was not going to mention what happened in baseball last night, mr. detroit -- >> i brought my hat for that because i stand by my peoples. >> bill: and i stand by my giants as well. it went into the 10th inning. i must admit detroit made it a little more interesting last night than the other games. here is the call from dan
5:07 am
shulman on espn. >> a swing, and a liner to center is down for this base. the jackson throw not in time! scutaro to second on the play and the giants have the lead! >> bill: they held the lead and swept the tigers. so the tigers sweep the yankees and then get swept by think giants. what the hell happened, jamal? >> some may argue that the testament to the quality of the giant baseball team, as i'm feeling generous this morning -- >> bill: well i agree. >> sometimes you just get beat. you got swept what else are you going to say. >> bill: yeah you are not going to spin your way out of it don't even try. >> i remember when we swept the lakers, that was a fundamental
5:08 am
victory, and there was nothing the lakers could say. >> bill: that's right. what a big guy this morning. >> did you see the picture of prince fielder, verlander -- will is a picture of justin verlander wearing a t-shirt that said property of pablo sandoval. >> oh. that is a bet gone bad. >> yeah. >> bill: we'll talk to the mayor of indianapolis a little bit later, and check in with the weather editor of the "washington post." but first -- >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> paul mccartney again through cold water on the rumor that youco own know was responsible for breaking up the beatles. a new interview that while it
5:09 am
was difficult to always have yoko around, that was certainly not the cause of them breaking up. >> bill: that's like the grassy knoll. >> he doesn't have to say it. i'll say it. >> i thought paul mccartney was dead. [ laughter ] >> meatloaf may be supporting mitt romney and singing for him on stage, but that's all he'll be doing, because he never registered to vote in his home state of texas. the deadline has now passed. he claimed to have requested a mail-in ballot in california, but he sold his house there six years ago.
5:10 am
>> wouldn't that be voter fraud. >> bill: yes, right. for the record bruce springsteen is registered in new jersey -- >> i'm take bruce springsteen over meatloaf any way of the week. >> and james harden has been sent packing, he is headed to the houston rockets, because houston was able to offer harden a contract that oklahoma city simply could not. >> i don't get it. i don't know why they would do that. he was backbone of the team. he showed up big time for them. i don't know why they would get rid of him. >> bill: don't ask me. all right. jamal let's get to the other big storm of the day. there is an election a week from
5:11 am
tomorrow. i was watching the nbc news and they said our latest polls -- and it was another national tracking pal that showed mitt romney ahead. why is america paying so much tenths to the national tracking polls? do they mean anything? >> no. there clearly was a trend towards mitt romney five weeks ago, we were all pretty happy about the obama polls. i think right now there was clearly a trend towards mitt romney after the first debate, that looks like it has stalled out, where most of us thought a year ago, we would have said this is going to be a close race. it's pretty much the floor for any republican, and now we're seeing mitt romney at 48 to 49%,
5:12 am
and that makes sense to me. you start looking around the states, and the president is in pretty darn good position. >> bill: right. the emphasis to me -- they keep talking about the national polls because they have to have a horse race right? >> right. >> bill: but we do not -- people have to understand we do not elect a president by a national vote. >> that's right. >> bill: it's state by state by state. >> so if you run the store up in texas. it doesn't matter. if you win by 50% or 60%, it doesn't matter. >> bill: that's right. the new york times this morning, i think maybe one of the few that you can really trust. their count of the electoral map right now is 243 obama, 206
5:13 am
romney. so if president obama wins ohio it would be 270 to -- he has got it. if mitt romney doesn't win ohio he has to win like all of the rest of the states. >> exactly. >> bill: so people have to realize, not that it is in the bag -- but president obama does have an advantage. >> one of my pollster friends laid this into me also is a lot of these polls are using the makeup from the 2010 election on 2008 election. and that's really the case of what we may see. the country is more latino than it used to be. a lot of these states that are on the border like north carolina have more african-americans than it did four years ago, so all -- we don't want to get too much into the methodology of polls, but
5:14 am
the number of total voters exist may be bigger than what the media is including in their numbers. >> bill: maine, michigan minnesota, new mexico nevada pennsylvania, that those are basically -- these are toss-up states but say look like they are going to go for obama. >> i think the president is up something like six points in nevada which is a huge deal for him. >> bill: yeah, that's six leaning republican, they only have two. arizona and north carolina. and north carolina could still go the other way. >> yeah. >> bill: in the middle toss up and this is what it really comes down to, seven colorado, florida, iowa -- where i think the president is still up -- new
5:15 am
hampshire -- which last i saw the president is still up -- ohio which is the president is up by five at least in one poll -- virginia president within it last time. >> tim kaine is doing very well there, about 50%. >> bill: and wisconsin. >> the "washington post" poll had the president up in virginia. >> four points, yeah. >> bill: so romney has got a long way to go. >> a long way to go. it has to be a perfect perfect election for him to make this work. to get to work, go door-to-door show up, and get those people to the polls. >> bill: and also it shows why the lack of focus on the campaign, because of the hurricane this week, and the nesty to cancel events in lot of these swing states like virginia
5:16 am
and new hampshire could hurt romney more than obama. >> that's probably true and any time the president gets to actually be presidential, you want everything to work out for everyone, but politically speaking when the president gets to be seen acting presidentially, it is good for the president. >> bill: jamal simmons, we're talking the political storm. we'll get to the other storm in a little bit in the hour here. could this go to the house of representatives? some people are even talking about that. let's get into it jamal a little bit later when we come back here on the "full court press." >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio, and current tv. >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
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5:19 am
now to my point. (vo) jennifer granholm ... >>for every discouraged voter, there are ten angry ones taking action. trickle down does not work. in romney's world, cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft. that is a whole bunch of bunk. the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy. ♪
5:20 am
>> announcer: radio meets television, the "bill press show." now on current tv. >> bill: twenty-five minutes after the hour the mayor of indianapolis will be joining us in the next segment of the "full court press." jamal simmons here as a friend of bill. peter? >> we are tweeting @bpshows. one person you have to follow is @mittstormtips. here are some of the suggestions that we have been given. mitt says i'm worried, some of
5:21 am
my friends own insurance companies. and mitt also says leave car elevator on top floor in case of flooding. follow @mittstormtips. it's pretty good. >> bill: this could be a case where romney wins the popular vote, or obama wins the electoral college, or it could even go to the house of representatives. >> god forbid. >> you have to get to 269-269, there is only one outcome that gets you to 269-269, and if that happens, the rule is the presidential decision goes to the house, the vice presidential decision goes to the senate. >> bill: this sounds like people who are stoned. >> it's a movie script.
5:22 am
knocking on wood here. >> bill: now let's talk about reality. there is -- and -- nobody knows better than you, right? there's two sides of politics there is the motivation and then there's the grunt work of getting people out of the polls, the ground game. >> yeah. >> bill: does the ground game count anymore? and who has a better ground game? >> the ground game does count when you are close. you can't win with five points on the ground game but the ground game can get you two points in a close election certainly a point and a half two points so it does matter. the second point is the president clearly has a stronger ground game. romney has outsourced -- because
5:23 am
he is a big finance guy, because he believes in financing and firing people he has outsourced his entire ground game to the republican national committee, and freedom of future or whatever that thing is called, a bunch of fs, so he has outsourced it to all of these groups. he has no got game. >> bill: and the obama campaign? >> they have like 100 field offices? ohio, 200 offices. >> bill: and they have been working at it since 2008. >> and they immediate bodies if anybody wants to help out.
5:24 am
>> bill: we'll be right back with the mayor of indianapolis. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." to miss my show is if that's the only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart.
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♪ >> announcer: this is the "full court press," the "bill press show," live on your radio, and on current tv. >> bill: hey thirtity-three minutes after the hour. hurricane sandy expected to hit the east coast about half of the country as far west as chicago sometime later today. we'll give you an update on that in the next segment of the program here, but there is still a campaign underway you bet there is. jamal simmons is in studio with
5:29 am
us here as a friend of bill this hour. one of those who has been out there helping the president, surrogate for the president, and making sure that minnesota does the right thing and comes into the obama camp and column is the mayor of minneapolis, also the vice chair of the democratic national commitly rt ryeback. thank joining us this morning. >> good morning, bill, good morning, jamal. >> good morning. >> bill: the president hasn't taken any time off this last month. we have a briefing almost every day, except when the president is on the road and we haven't had a briefing for three weeks now. he is really on right? >> i think people are seeing that this guy can chew gum at the whole time, and that's the
5:30 am
whole reason for being a president. this is a president who does what he has to do. you focus on what is important for the country, and right now it is on protecting those on the east coast, but also going out and making his case. he can do both, and he will. >> bill: mayor, the "new york times" have minnesota in the toss-up states right now, not leaning democratic or republican. >> that i definitely do not see. one poll showed the president up by three and another up by six, so that's not what i see. one of the things about it -- and it's true across the country, the president has an
5:31 am
amazing grassroots organization. mitt romney literally does not have an office in minnesota, does not have a ground game here. and you can throw up a bunch of ads, but the president uniquely has this amazing operation that is not just about organization it's the fact that people on every corner of the country gets this guy, and i would much rather be us where we're up in every swing state including places like north carolina where they said the president was socked away. we have a huge wave of african american voters going to the polls. going we're not putting up with this baloney. >> bill: jamal i know you want
5:32 am
jump in here but i want to correct myself. minnesota is leaning in the democratic column. >> all right. >> bill: jamal? >> as -- mr. mayor, you mentioned some ads. but most people believe those ads are targeted at wisconsin, right? >> yeah st. paul and duluth is right on the border. and, you know, i think what the romney campaign has tried to do is fake the fact that they have grassroots support. it's kind of like faking like you are for the middle class, which we have seen them do so they have tried to make it look like they have support all over the place, but the reality is -- i have to tell you one very quick story.
5:33 am
i was in sue city, iowa there was a little old lady making calls, and she had been there for six months. i was there six weeks period and she was still -- well she had moved across the room. so that's the kind of commitment we're talking about. >> bill: the romney campaign they are trying to paint him as a moderate who will work with democrats, sort of a middle of the road guy, whereas the reality is on most of the issues, he is about as extreme as you can get without being a tea partier, and maybe he is a tea partier. >> yeah, i'm not sure what he is, and i don't know that he
5:34 am
knows what he is. when he was governor he did bring together and he left with a 35% approvability. that's not a record to run for president on. so then he goes out and runs and takes some of the most extreme positions. four years after the president in his very first act signed equal pay for women, mitt romney can't commit? that's just the beginning. the single thing he has been consistent on throughout his entire political career is those in the same extremely wealthy financial position he was born into and stayed into should continue to get much higher tax breaks.
5:35 am
>> mr. mayor, so you are a mayor, a chief executive of a city, you deal with legislators, and city council members, tell us about the difference between being an executive and the qualities and the job description over being an executive and these other jobs. it seems like being a public executive requires a particular set of skills. >> that's a really good point, because a mayor and a congressman, for instance, are very, very different. a congressional person's job is to dig into the issues and make decisions. and a mayor's job is to be the one person to bring everybody together, navigate them and be an executive.
5:36 am
that's what the president has done. when mitt romney was in massachusetts, what he did was he couldn't do a darn thing. he couldn't get anything done. and the job of the president is not to take extreme positions necessarily. it's really to try to figure out some way to move people forward, and in a period of time when the republicans decided their number one goal was not to cooperate with the president, he gets 30 million people out of welfare, saves the auto industry i can go on and on and on and on. that's leading. >> bill: as you mentioned the auto industry, and the romney campaign released an ad this weekend, which is one monumental lie after another.
5:37 am
i would like you and our viewers and listeners to listen it to and then i want to get your comments. >> who will do more for the auto industry in not barack obama fact checkers confirm his attacks on mitt romney are false. the truth, mitt romney has a plan to help the auto industry. obama took gm and chrysler into bankruptcy, and sold vicar will to italians who are going to build jeeps in china. >> i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> i would pull out the fire extinguisher for the guy's pants, because that is riddled with lies, and there's one thing you need to know about mitt romney, let detroit go bankrupt. >> bill: that's right.
5:38 am
>> and the single biggest position these two folks had to make has been any auto industry. obama got it right, romney got it wrong. this guy's business experience is walking into a corporate room, with a boat load of money and say who is lucky enough to get this money? >> and what do you call it when you have a position one day and a different the next -- >> bill: romneysia. >> romneysia. >> bill: hey mayor, thank you for your time. and a great mayor of a great city. >> absolutely. get ready for the winter. >> bill: all right. we'll be right back with jamal simmons as a friend of bill. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪
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(vo) john fugelsang sees what happens. >> you know, blaming this economy on barack obama is kinda like blaming your hangover on the guy making breakfast. i like mitt romney but i'm sorry. they guy has flipped more than a crack house mattress. this campaign has become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it.
5:42 am
♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: thirteen minutes before the top of the hour. we'll get into to the late west hurricane sandy. jamal simmons is here as a friend of bill this hour. i have put a lot of time on the computer with trying to trace back my family tree. >> oh, yeah. >> bill: i had my family back to 1824 in salem, new jersey and i found the link yesterday -- it came from --
5:43 am
>> this is so exciting. >> bill: i got it from [ inaudible ] in latvia and they came into philadelphia actually. so there you go. >> wow. >> bill: all thanks to it's a lot of fun, and important to have your family tree so i encourage you to do the same. and has made it possible. if you go today and visit try, they will give you two full weeks free to see what you can discover. so visit, then we can compare family trees here once you do that. all right. keeping track of weather in general, it's a great cite with the "washington post" capitol weather gang. jason is joining us on our news line this morning.
5:44 am
hi, jason good to have you with us? >> thank you. how are you? >> bill: tell us what washington, d.c. can expect from sandy. will it be as big and bad as they say? >> yeah, we think so. we're starting to get into heavy rain here. the storm is a few hundred miles off of the most of carolina outer banks, and it is starting its turn and should make landfall this evening, so we're expecting as that storm nears land to really pick up the winds. we may see gusts from 60 to 70 miles an hour and that will likely lead to a lot of power outages. rainfall, 6 to 7 inches on top
5:45 am
of that. >> bill: and i know there are flooding warnings up in the rivers and bays in this area. >> that's right. for the immediate d.c. area we're under flood watch. some of the heavy rain bands are starting to fall off during the day. some areas we have already seen overfive inches of rain. >> bill: jamal, they are predicting snow, right? >> yeah. out in virginia and places like that, right? >> that's right. in west virginia some areas are expecting over two feet of snow and you combine that with strong winds, and they have blizzard conditions there. >> i saw a report that said that the rains were hitting felt like ice, and when you think of this
5:46 am
being a hurricane and tropical storm, it doesn't really add up. >> right. >> that's right. so this was sort of a hurricane nor'easter hybrid. you have the cold air and snow on the west side and then the wind and rain and tropical air on the south side and that's all coming together and it's the clash of the air masses that is turning this in to an exceptional storm. >> bill: jason i want to get you involved in the big discussion we're having this morning. the storm is supposed to hit this evening. yesterday at 6:00 pm they shit down the washington subway. this morning they shut down the washington metro federal offices are closed in
5:47 am
washington. isn't that too much precaution too soon? >> i think officials are obviously acting on the side of caution. i think this afternoon and especially this evening, it is going to become hazardous outside, so you don't really want to get people into the office and then commuting home in sustained winds and gusts to 60. that can fall trees and then you have the potential for trees 2358ing on cars. i did wonder about the metro closing underground stations. i was surprised by that decision. >> you don't understand, bill had a dinner party tomorrow night, and now it is being canceled because of the storm because people can't get here. >> i thought there was a shipment of white wine on its way there northern california.
5:48 am
[ laughter ] >> bill: jason you have made peter and jamal very very happy. but you did give a little bit of credit for the underground metro stations -- >> i think that's a very valid point. >> i heard someone talking about this yesterday and that's because the government can't tell you not to work or stay in the house, what they can do is shut down the resources to encourage people to stay at home or wherever they need to be. >> for those of us who live and work in washington, d.c. as if they need an excuse to shut down the federal government. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. jason thank you for being with us. and i'm going to be back with a
5:49 am
little closing shot. jamal thank you for being here. >> good to be here. >> bill: and go giants. [ laughter ] >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's.
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